December 2020

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70.59% of Our Signals Hit their Profit Targets in December 2020!

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Most Popular Features

Here are a few of the most popular features based on feedback we have received from our members!

  • Daily Signals

    Our highly experienced team of technical analysts work around the clock to produce cryptocurrency trading signals for all of our members across the globe!

  • Weekly Newsletters

    Never be left in the dark. Our weekly newsletter is filled with all of the things you need to know about the current state of the crypto market. Let us do the time consuming research!

  • Monthly Training & Seminars

    Learn while you earn with our monthly technical analysis training & seminars with high-profile guest speakers! This service is complimentary to all of our members!

Why are you here?

Got tricked by the market too? Trends are often full of traps, fake signals and overwhelming uncertainty for unskilled traders.

The good news is that you are in the right place! Premium Signals was founded several years ago before Bitcoin initially spiked in 2017. Our years of knowledge is proof that our technical analysts are capable of producing signals for our members in all market conditions.

We have over 40,000 members across our network, which makes us one of the top crypto signal services in existence.

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Don't just take our word for it...
Check out some of the awesome reviews from a few of our members!

Review by member @Highest_Horse

A couple of weeks ago, I was just blindly trading around on the exchanges. I made a few profitable trades, but overall I was losing. Then I found Premium Signals and signed up. Within the first two days, I had made the membership fee back, all of my losses from before and then some! Every signal that Luciano has sent out and I've bought into has hit it's first target at a minimum. I've tripled my money with the SC, XVG, and NXT calls alone. If you're considering upgrading to premium, just DO IT! It's a no brainer.

Review by member @ChewyBaca

I started this trading stuff a few days ago now. Even with a lot of newbie mistakes I already doubled my capital thx to the great signals here. And I've made my premium membership fee back already too. It's really awesome and worth signing up.

Review by support staff member @Julian

Even us support staff benefit from signals! Made 16% on TRX in a very short time. Signal was posted here Wednesday with the price right before it popped on Friday. Thanks Luciano!

Review by member @PairADice

If I just had listened to Luciano when he told me to long BTC in September, I'd have quintupled my gains by now. Fortunately, he provides several good calls which I've made gainz on. The calls on LTC and ETC are perhaps my most favorite calls so far!